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Available online: The full text, chapter by chapter, of Breakfast of Scallywags, Hunting the Rose, Bea and the Smart Kids, and The Legend of Logjam.

Hard copies are now available from Lulu.com and Amazon; eBooks from Lulu.

In Bea and the Smart Kids…Being the dumbest kid she knows isn’t going to stop Bea Flannery when Bean-Tek Industries new snack-bars—chock full of the unpredictable koohoo plant—start consuming the lives of her best friends.

In Scallywags, Fay LaFarge learns that her teacher Miss Parsnip, (nice, but obsessed with pirates,) has planned a field trip to the Crunch & Barley Cereal factory (boring, plus her dad works there,) and she’s stuck in a group with the horrific Barnaby Hootsman

Fay LaFarge is a girl who can handle such a disaster. But she’ll have to make certain the pirate coin that tumbled into her breakfast cereal that morning stays out of the wrong hands–including Barnaby Hootsman’s.

Soon Fay wonders if boring wouldn’t be better, as Miss Parsnip’s fascination with pirates gets all too real, and the strange coin turns out to matter more than the average cereal box prize.

Hunting the Rose is the story of Ari Soffit, a ten year old who finds his world turned upside down when the sinister headmaster of a local boys’ academy, Wilton Daylatch, who seems to have the town in his pocket, tries to force Ari’s Uncle Ellery to forfeit the family delicatessen.

Ari finds that much is suddenly riding on his shoulders when a startling encounter with a ghostly stranger convinces him that there might be a way out.
Soon Ari and his friend Arden are on a dusty trail of clues which could take them to the answer they need…or might just lead to front row seats at the brutally unfair boxing match Uncle Ellery is being cornered into.

And, in The Legend of Logjam:
For thirteen year old Mabel Crockett, the town of Logjam is a fine place to grow up. It doesn’t trouble her a bit that her best friend Van’s artistic parents are constructed of spare parts, or that her own folks fly around in a converted WW2 bomber. And over at Halfslips’ Center for Botanical Research they’re always propagating something new and delicious.

Not until the creepy Verdon Arbogast begins poking around town does Mabel begin to suspect that something peculiar is going on. And just what does Detective Reynolds Manderley suspect the Halfslips of growing?

When the Crocketts take a research trip to a desert spring, and Mabel receives a cryptic message from an odd individual named Dun, she begins to realize that she herself must unravel the secrets of Logjam. Secrets which may reveal more than Mabel wanted to know…about herself.